Are your diamonds natural or synthetic?

LLG will define the exact nature of your stones.

The first expert laboratory for gemmology in Montreal

State of the art technology for better traceability and more reliability

A professional team of gemmologists to assist you in grading your stones

At LLG, we are convinced that each gem is a world on its own.

As the first independent laboratory in Quebec, our mission consists in identifying diamonds, melee and coloured stones, while being transparent and impartial. Through the use of advanced technology and modern analysis equipment, the LLG laboratory provides both professionals and individuals with the appropriate support to secure their investments.

In an expanding market, where synthetic stones are becoming more easily accessible, having your gemstones identified by LLG will reassure you about their precise nature.

Are you an individual customer?

In order to be able to determine the value of jewellery or a stone today, a grading report is essential. The reason being the amount of different treatments, imitations of diamonds and precious stones, as well as synthetic stones is increasing in the market. LLG will help you clearly identify your belongings by offering personalized services in our Montreal gemmological laboratory.

Are you a professional?

The increasingly important role of Canada in the diamond industry worldwide requires the presence of a highly regarded laboratory in Montréal.

Whether you are a jeweller, a wholesaler, an insurance company or an auctioneer and expert, if you need to have gemstones or diamond melees identified regularly, do not hesitate to contact us to build a long-lasting partnership.

The Gemprint®technology

Just like humans have their own finger print, every diamond has its own optical print that can be  revealed thanks to the Gemprint® technology. Once the image has been registered in the international Gemprint® database, your diamond can be traced worldwide. Providing an excellent method to secure your gemstones and eventually reduce your insurance fees.

Natural or synthetic ?

They have the appearance, the brilliance and the hardness of natural diamonds, but they do not have their value: these are synthetic diamonds.
Synthetic diamonds have been manufactured for industrial purposes since the 1950’s. Nowadays, they are becoming increasingly popular in jewellery, which may cause confusion and lead to fraud.

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