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Gemprint® is the world’s most sophisticated, non-invasive, positive identification technology that records the unique optical ‘fingerprint’ of each diamond.

Just like a human fingerprint, every diamond has a unique GEMPRINT®.  This patented and proven technology has been used by the FBI and Canadian Government to identify suspicious stones, to find the legitimate owners of stolen diamonds and to fight against the illegal trade of diamonds. Gemprint®  is an innovative protective technology that replaces the traditional laser inscription. If a stolen diamond is found, it can easily be identified thanks to its luminous pattern. Numerous individuals as well as businesses have used Gemprint®  to secure their investment.For instance, the famous diamond Hope is protected with this technology.


Comparison of two diamond Gemprint® patterns of the same shape and the same weight.

Why Gemprint® ?


Quick, not expensive and non invasive, the Gemprint® registration is done directly in our laboratory at the same time as the identification.


The laser inscription on a diamond girdle can easily be removed, but it is practically impossible to alter the luminous pattern without substantially modifying the stone.

Peace of Mind

In case of repair of a piece of jewellery with a diamond, inform your jeweler about the registration of the diamond and do not hesitate to have the pattern checked at the laboratory before and after the repair.

Please note that only facetted diamonds of 0.5ct and more can be registered under Gemprint®.

a diamond under Gemprint®

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Gemprint® in the Amercian series CSI