Diamond Grading

Diamond Grading

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Whether you are looking at selling a diamond or you simply wish to know its value on the market, you will need a grading report by a recognized laboratory such as LLG.

Our expertise and our equipment allow us to analyze the following:

    • loose polished diamonds of all shapes
    • rough diamonds
    • some set diamonds

For each diamond, we will precisely grade the 4 Cs (Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut) – based on international standards.


The weight of a diamond is measured in carat.
A carat is subdivided in points.
1 carat = 0,2 grams = 100 points


Diamonds are made through a combination of natural geological and chemical phenomena. Hence why diamonds often carry traces of their formation, called inclusions, that may be visible or not to the naked eye. These inclusions can look like crystals, clouds or feathers.
According to international standards, the clarity grade of a diamond is assessed using a 10x loupe.


The majority of diamonds are graded within the regular colour scale, going from colourless (D) to light yellow (Z).


Submit a stone

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Please bring with you:

  • The colored stone
  • A valid ID or Passport
  • The signed service contract
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